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As a part of your new home decor, you can use wall tapestries to enhance a mood or to create a whole new feeling in any room in the home.

Tapestries are remarkable in their ability to give your room or home a specific look and feel unlike any other type of decor.

They are woven products that are used in both traditional style homes as well as modern decor style homes to provide large wall art and a warmth that is unmistakable.

Enjoy the distinctive beauty and atmosphere they bring to you and your home.

Spring Summer tapestry

Photograph of the Spring Summer tapestry in detail

Melchior Tapestry

Photograph of the Melchior tapestry in detail


A photograph from one of our customer’s ‘photo’ testimonials.

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Find out great tips on our blog to decorate your favorite room.

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This is what we are all about.

We love to help you choose and have access to the top tapestries of the world in our store, to decorate your room or home in a unique way.

See our entire tapestry range, as well as tapestry rods, tassels, and also finials and other accessories such as overdoors and flourishes to give wall tapestries a wonderful finish.

So here’s to unique home decor that brings pleasure to you and all others.

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