Chenille Tapestries

Chenille is a material that is luxuriously soft to the touch, and gives a gorgeous visual finish to wall tapestries.

Because of its beauty and durability, Chenille has been a sought after material for tapestries, throws, rugs and other wall decor since the 18th century.

Chenille is a type of yarn that's made from cotton fabrics, acrylic, rayon and olefin fibres.

Its name in fact, is derived from the French word for "caterpillar" to describe the fact that it's distinctive touch and feel.

Chenille wall hangings provide beauty and elegance to any home and represents the themes of urns, flowers, castles, coat of arms and more.

Browse our impressive selection of Chenille tapestries here.

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price  
TAPMDN149 Acanthus Vine - Simpson
  • $105.00 USD
TAPART211 Amphora
  • $242.00 USD
TAPCOA125 Angouleme Crest
  • $199.00 USD
TAPBCS202 Archway Urn
  • $326.00 USD
TAPART215 Art Noveau - Autumn
  • $169.00 USD
TAPCSL124 Castle of Ooidonk
  • $349.00 USD
TAPCSL110 Chateau d'Amboise
  • $159.00 USD
TAPCSL111 Chateau Valencay
  • $242.00 USD
TAPCSL101 Chatsworth Castle
  • $242.00 USD
TAPMAP127 Chenille Map
  • $243.00 USD
TAPART208 Chenille Nude
  • $242.00 USD
TAPCOA101 Crest And Fleur
  • $252.00 USD
TAPASN127 Eastern Wonder
  • $151.00 USD
TAPCSL120 English Castle
  • $244.00 USD
TAPFLR208 Flanders Poppies I
  • $213.00 USD
TAPFLR209 Flanders Poppies II
  • $242.00 USD
TAPFLR206 Floralie
  • $307.00 USD
TAPFLR229 Flowers in a Vase
  • $131.00 USD
TAPCOA126 Grandes Armoiries
  • $409.00 USD
TAPBCS274 Italian Garden with Parrot
  • $248.00 USD
TAPFLR207 Lemon
  • $213.00 USD
TAPFLR203 Lotus
  • $242.00 USD
TAPNAU119 Marina
  • $268.00 USD
TAPART102 Moucha
  • $159.00 USD
TAPFLR333 Olde World Birds of Paradise
  • $355.00 USD
TAPART376 Olde World Filigree Urn
  • $349.00 USD
TAPFLR227 Pear
  • $213.00 USD
TAPFLR214 Pensee II
  • $153.00 USD
TAPART218 The Orange Gatherers
  • $158.00 USD
TAPCOA120 Tours Crest
  • $199.00 USD
TAPCOA104 Tours Crest - Horizontal
  • $199.00 USD
TAPMAP112 Typus Orbis Terrarum
  • $214.00 USD
TAPART382 Urn On Pillar Gold
  • $326.00 USD
TAPCSL138 Versailles I
  • $198.00 USD
TAPCSL116 Wand Cheverny
  • $257.00 USD

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