Francois Boucher Tapestries

Francois Boucher art

Looking for Francois Boucher style tapestries to add beauty and distinct French elegance to your home?

These French styled tapestries often contain the themes of idyllic romance of villagers in the French countryside, quite reflective of the culture and history of this era in France in many ways.

Boucher also depicted mythological and opulence of royalty as well.

His works are most well-known for how art moved to the Rococo style in the 18th century, which emphasized romance and light heartedness of daily life, typified by pastoral life in the countryside.

Through this period from Boucher's time in the 1760's, tapestries which were used in the French royal residences for their interior decor.

Want idyllic scenes of Francois Boucher to charm and delight you? See our collection here of Boucher art for your room or home decor:

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price  
TAPFBO101 Au Bord de la Riviere
  • $1075.00 USD
TAPFBO105 Children by the Lake
  • $158.00 USD
TAPFBO122 Danza
  • $201.00 USD
TAPFBO107 Fountain by the Lake
  • $158.00 USD
TAPFBO131 Gallantries
  • $96.00 USD
TAPFBO132 Lakeside Rendezvous
  • $181.00 USD
TAPFBO125 Les Amours des Dieux
  • $479.00 USD
TAPFBO109 Mill by the Lake
  • $495.00 USD
TAPFBO145 Noble Pastorale
  • $159.00 USD
TAPFBO111 Repos Fontaine
  • $1038.00 USD
TAPART420 Repos Fontaine II
  • $1388.00 USD
TAPFBO103 Romance in the Country
  • $586.00 USD
TAPFBO106 Romantic Musical Interlude
  • $158.00 USD
TAPFBO137 Royalty in the Park
  • $149.00 USD
TAPFBO112 Scenes Galantes
  • $226.00 USD
TAPFBO115 Seranade Rouge
  • $478.00 USD
TAPFBO113 Serenade Creme
  • $478.00 USD
TAPFBO108 The Old Mill
  • $158.00 USD
TAPFBO153 Women Washing by the Lake
  • $157.00 USD

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