Handwoven Tapestries

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Looking for handwoven wall tapestries to decorate your home with exceptional beauty? 

Then see these hand woven tapestries here, created in Aubusson style and woven in 100% New Zealand wool, for the purest of color and finest tonal gradation.

These hand made tapestry works are created with designs inspired by 17th and 18th century French fine art, and woven by hand to create pieces of beauty and even historical significance.

They portray scenes from historical works, landscapes and even mythological scenes. Full of distinct artistry and uniqueness, each piece is a statement in art that is unsurpassed.

These exceptional tapestries are handmade and handcrafted in China.

See our range of hand-woven tapestries here:

Note: these hand woven pieces are individually made and can take up to 4-6 months to make. Sometimes, if already commenced production, the production time will be shorter.

As these pieces are individually created, all sales are final and no returns or refunds are accepted.

For handwoven tapestries, payment must be by wire transfer.

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price  
TAPHWV247 Handwoven A Mon Seul Desir - Lady and the Unicorn
  • $4233.00 USD
TAPHWV238 Handwoven Bouquet au Violon
  • $7584.00 USD
TAPHWV255 Handwoven Chien e la Fontaine
  • $7685.00 USD
TAPHWV244 Handwoven L'Odorat - Lady and the Unicorn (Smell)
  • $4952.00 USD
TAPHWV243 Handwoven L'Ouie - Lady and the Unicorn (Hearing)
  • $4446.00 USD
TAPHWV240 Handwoven La Licorne a la Fontaine
  • $8282.00 USD
TAPHWV237 Handwoven La Promenade Galante
  • $9001.00 USD
TAPHWV246 Handwoven La Vue - Lady and the Unicorn (Sight)
  • $4446.00 USD
TAPHWV242 Handwoven Le Gout - Lady and the Unicorn (Taste)
  • $5357.00 USD
TAPHWV248 Handwoven Le Gout Detail - Lady and the Unicorn (Taste)
  • $4233.00 USD
TAPHWV250 Handwoven Le Palais Royal
  • $4952.00 USD
TAPHWV257 Handwoven Le Retour des Pecheurs
  • $12239.00 USD
TAPHWV245 Handwoven Le Toucher - Lady and the Unicorn (Touch)
  • $4446.00 USD
TAPHWV236 Handwoven Les Cerfs Ailes - The Winged Stags
  • $6745.00 USD
TAPHWV253 Handwoven Les Moissonneurs
  • $7482.00 USD
TAPHWV251 Handwoven Palais de Monceaux
  • $5246.00 USD
TAPHWV241 Handwoven Repose a la Fontaine
  • $4142.00 USD
TAPHWV252 Handwoven Scene Villageois Flamande
  • $11329.00 USD
TAPHWV249 Handwoven The Noble Outing
  • $6976.00 USD
TAPHWV239 Handwoven The Woodpecker - William Morris
  • $6572.00 USD
TAPHWV254 Handwoven Verdure Aubusson
  • $8089.00 USD
TAPHWV256 Handwoven Verdure aux Oiseaux
  • $7786.00 USD

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