Tree of Life Tapestries

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Looking for a Tree of Life tapestry to decorate your room or home?

Then see our tree of life wall tapestries here to transform any home decor.

The "Tree of Life" is a beautiful and elegant symbol that brings color and the elements of nature to your decor setting.

It is said that the tree celebrates the power of nature, and the connection between heaven and earth, represented by its branches and flowers. The styles you can decorate with include William Morris from the Victorian times, the Celtic Tree of Life, and more modern styles of Gustav Klimt and contemporary artist Natasha Wescoat.

These pieces show the leaves and branches of the tree, and the background of flora and wildlife as well. They celebrate the abundant beauty of nature in your favorite room or home.

In each work, the artist's own meaning of the sacred Tree of Life comes through. Some emphasize the power of nature, while others celebrate the interconnectedness of all living things. Lovely. Gorgeous. Elegant.

Looking for a gorgeous tapestry to decorate your room? Then see our range of Tree of Life tapestries and wall hangings here:

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price  
TAPTOL121 Arboles de la Vida
  • $254.00 USD
TAPTOL109 Celtic Tree of Life
  • $176.00 USD
TAPMDN163 Hopefull Tree - Simon Bull
  • $265.00 USD
TAPTOL108 June Tree of Life
  • $166.00 USD
TAPTOL105 Klimt Tree Of Life
  • $94.00 USD
TAPTOL106 Klimt Tree Of Life II
  • $109.00 USD
TAPTOL112 Klimt Tree of Life III
  • $311.00 USD
TAPTOL113 Klimt Tree of Life IV
  • $185.00 USD
TAPTOL115 Klimt Tree of Life V
  • $129.00 USD
TAPTOL126 Klimt Tree of Life VI
  • $242.00 USD
TAPTOL101 Pastel Tree of Life
  • $111.00 USD
TAPTOL110 Pomegranate Tree of Life
  • $312.00 USD
TAPTOL119 Sea of Life
  • $312.00 USD
TAPTOL120 Stoclet Frieze
  • $156.00 USD
TAPTOL118 Temple Tree of Life
  • $468.00 USD
TAPTOL114 The Knight with the Tree of Life
  • $529.00 USD
TAPWMO181 The Tree
  • $235.00 USD
TAPWMO175 Tree of Life
  • $91.00 USD
TAPWMO180 Tree of Life - Brown and Rose
  • $658.00 USD
TAPTOL102 Tree of Life - Klimt
  • $118.00 USD
TAPTOL107 Tree of Life - Wescoat
  • $166.00 USD
TAPTOL124 Tree of Life Beige II
  • $116.00 USD
TAPWMO168 Tree Of Life Brown
  • $209.00 USD
TAPTOL127 Tree of Life Brown II
  • $708.00 USD
TAPTOL128 Tree of Life Brown III
  • $709.00 USD
TAPWMO184 Tree of Life Cream
  • $261.00 USD
TAPWMO183 Tree of Life Dark
  • $169.00 USD
TAPLSC197 Tree of Life Flanders
  • $449.00 USD
TAPWMO182 Tree of Life Light
  • $169.00 USD
TAPWMO188 Tree of Life Midnight Blue
  • $273.00 USD
TAPWMO187 Tree of Life Red
  • $273.00 USD
TAPWMO172 Tree Of Life Umber
  • $109.00 USD
TAPTOL111 Trinitary
  • $166.00 USD
TAPWMO179 William Morris Tree of Life
  • $111.00 USD

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