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The unicorn entered medieval history over 2500 years ago, since the ancient Babylonian times. Since the medieval period, unicorn tapestries and unicorn tapestry art has appeared in various guises.

So why was there such a fascination with unicorns in the art of this time to this day?

A Greek physician Ctesias, whilst under the service of the King of Persia documented in 398 BC a strange creature he encountered who's dust from its single pointed horn would protect against deadly poison.

Then Genghis Khan, on the verge of conquering India in 1224 on the final battle hill, saw a single creature he recognised as the Ch'i lin, the name of the unicorn in Chinese. He felt such fear that he ordered a retreat, eluding China of her victory.

And in the famous ancient city of Alexandria, a text called the "Physiologus" which contains descriptions of all creatures that have existed in creation, describe the unicorn as a beast that could not be captured by force, but only by a virgin fondling the unicorn to entice him to sleep.

Unicorns have been captured in art through history, including the "Lady and the Unicorn tapestries" and the "Hunt of the Unicorn tapestries" from the 15th century or thereabouts.

Our unicorn tapestries have been carefully selected, and each represent an important aspect of the legend of the unicorn.

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price  
TAPUCN125 A Mon Seul Desir
  • $285.00 USD
TAPUCN116 A Mon Seul Desir - Left Panel
  • $119.00 USD
TAPUCN117 A Mon Seul Desir - Right Panel
  • $119.00 USD
TAPUCN126 A Mon Seul Desir Detail - With Loops
  • $107.00 USD
TAPUCN106 A Mon Seul Desir I
  • $99.00 USD
TAPUCN111 A Mon Seul Desir III
  • $108.00 USD
TAPUCN110 A Mon Seul Desir IV
  • $165.00 USD
TAPUCN168 A Mon Seul Desir V
  • $1309.00 USD
TAPUCN163 Arms of the Knights
  • $482.00 USD
TAPUCN160 Death of the Unicorn
  • $206.00 USD
TAPHWV247 Handwoven A Mon Seul Desir - Lady and the Unicorn
  • $4233.00 USD
TAPHWV244 Handwoven L'Odorat - Lady and the Unicorn (Smell)
  • $4952.00 USD
TAPHWV243 Handwoven L'Ouie - Lady and the Unicorn (Hearing)
  • $4446.00 USD
TAPHWV240 Handwoven La Licorne a la Fontaine
  • $8282.00 USD
TAPHWV246 Handwoven La Vue - Lady and the Unicorn (Sight)
  • $4446.00 USD
TAPHWV242 Handwoven Le Gout - Lady and the Unicorn (Taste)
  • $5357.00 USD
TAPHWV248 Handwoven Le Gout Detail - Lady and the Unicorn (Taste)
  • $4233.00 USD
TAPHWV245 Handwoven Le Toucher - Lady and the Unicorn (Touch)
  • $4446.00 USD
TAPHWV241 Handwoven Repose a la Fontaine
  • $4142.00 USD
TAPUCN112 Hearing (L'Ouie) Detail
  • $119.00 USD
TAPUCN109 Hearing (L'Ouie) I
  • $99.00 USD
TAPUCN108 Hearing (L'Ouie) III
  • $96.00 USD
TAPWMO106 Heraldic Unicorn
  • $617.00 USD
TAPUCN164 Lady and the Unicorn Series I
  • $369.00 USD
TAPUCN165 Lady and the Unicorn Series II
  • $1773.00 USD
TAPUCN123 Lady with the Organ (Hearing)
  • $309.00 USD
TAPUCN114 Le Desir Fonce
  • $685.00 USD
TAPUCN132 Le Gout Fonce
  • $686.00 USD
TAPUCN137 Le Toucher Fonce
  • $255.00 USD
TAPUCN161 Les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde
  • $1292.00 USD
TAPUCN150 Licorne a la Fontaine
  • $165.00 USD
TAPUCN156 Licorne Captive - Blue
  • $283.00 USD
TAPUCN157 Licorne Captive - Red
  • $479.00 USD
TAPUCN153 Licorne Captive II
  • $297.00 USD
TAPUCN154 Licorne Captive III
  • $165.00 USD
TAPUCN162 Lion et Licorne Heraldiques - With Loops
  • $173.00 USD
TAPUCN142 Portiere de Licorne
  • $192.00 USD
TAPUCN141 Portiere du Lion
  • $192.00 USD
TAPUCN134 Portiere Lion
  • $375.00 USD
TAPUCN143 Portiere Medieval Lion
  • $319.00 USD
TAPUCN144 Portiere Medieval Unicorn
  • $331.00 USD
TAPUCN133 Portiere Unicorn
  • $375.00 USD
TAPUCN174 Portiere Unicorn II
  • $137.00 USD
TAPUCN136 Sense of Touch - Emerald
  • $476.00 USD
TAPUCN129 Sight (La Vue) Detail - With Loops
  • $107.00 USD
TAPUCN127 Sight (La Vue) I
  • $98.00 USD
TAPUCN118 Sight (La Vue) II
  • $94.00 USD
TAPUCN130 Smell (L' Odorat) I
  • $99.00 USD
TAPUCN100 Smell (L' Odorat) III
  • $97.00 USD
TAPUCN176 Smell (L' Odorat) IV
  • $342.00 USD
TAPUCN178 Smell (L' Odorat) V
  • $182.00 USD
TAPUCN131 Taste (Le Gout) I
  • $302.00 USD
TAPUCN121 Taste (Le Gout) II
  • $96.00 USD
TAPUCN120 Taste (Le Gout) IV
  • $309.00 USD
TAPUCN138 Touch (Lady and Unicorn)
  • $238.00 USD
TAPUCN139 Touch (Lady and Unicorn) II
  • $116.00 USD
TAPUCN135 Touch (Le Toucher) I
  • $229.00 USD
TAPUCN115 Touch (Le Toucher) II
  • $178.00 USD
TAPUCN103 Unicorn at the Fountain
  • $479.00 USD
TAPUCN158 Unicorn at the Fountain II
  • $365.00 USD
TAPUCN145 Unicorn Captive and Unicorn Hunt
  • $1167.00 USD
TAPUCN105 Unicorn Detail
  • $179.00 USD
TAPUCN159 Unicorn Dips His Horn
  • $119.00 USD
TAPUCN167 Unicorn Dips His Horn - Wool Blend
  • $345.00 USD
TAPUCN146 Unicorn Hunt
  • $238.00 USD
TAPUCN147 Unicorn Hunt - No Border
  • $237.00 USD
TAPUCN148 Unicorn Hunt - With Loops
  • $114.00 USD
TAPUCN155 Unicorn in Captivity
  • $105.00 USD
TAPUCN107 Unicorn in Captivity II
  • $227.00 USD
TAPUCN149 Unicorn in Captivity III
  • $119.00 USD
TAPUCN175 Unicorn Medieval
  • $118.00 USD

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