William Morris Tapestry Cushion Covers

william morris cushion art image

Looking for William Morris tapestry cushion covers to add gorgeousness to your decor?

Then see these beautiful William Morris style cushion covers that will transform any lounge, sofa or bed.

The art of Morris is both beautiful and distinctive. When you see a cushion cover based on the design of Morris, you instantly recognise its gorgeous style.

These designs uses natural elements such as acanthus leaves and creatures of the forest drawn directly from the experiences of English gardens and nature in Morris's time.

Some cushion covers shows details from the various tapestries of Morris and Co including the Orange Tree, Les Ouiseaux, Birds Face to Face, Acanthus, Minstrel, Pomona and others.

The designs of Morris and Co represent a resurgence of sense of individuality and beauty in the Victorian era, with his unique and distinctive use of natural elements.

These tapestry cushion covers are backed with a lining and zipper.

See our range of William Morris tapestry cushion covers here:

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price  
TCCWMO116 Bird Couple Cushion Cover
  • $92.00 USD
TCCWMO102 Birds Face to Face II Cushion Cover
  • $92.00 USD
TCCWMO111 Brother Bird Cushion Cover
  • $84.00 USD
TCCWMO112 Brother Rabbit Cushion Cover
  • $84.00 USD
TCCWMO109 Knights of Camelot Cushion Cover
  • $86.00 USD
TCCWMO110 Ladies of Camelot Cushion Cover
  • $86.00 USD
TCCWMO104 Minstrel Cushion Cover
  • $92.00 USD
TCCWMO106 Orange Tree Cushion Cover
  • $92.00 USD
TCCWMO105 Pomona Cushion Cover
  • $92.00 USD
TCCWMO113 Rabbit I Cushion Cover
  • $84.00 USD
TCCWMO114 Rabbit II Cushion Cover
  • $84.00 USD
TCCWMO115 Tree of Life - Blue Cushion Cover
  • $92.00 USD
TCCWMO100 Tree Of Life Cushion Cover
  • $76.00 USD
TCCWMO108 William Morris Acanthus Cushion Cover
  • $86.00 USD
TCCWMO101 Woodpecker Cushion Cover
  • $84.00 USD

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