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William Morris tapestries are such a distinctive wall decor and they make a remarkable impression in your room or home.

They are unique in their designs because of their sense of movement and organic composition. They show a variety of scenes from legendary or even religious stories to simply a scene from nature or the gardens which Morris enjoyed watching.

Morris was born in 1834 in Walthamstow, England, and his influence in the decorative arts of the Victorian era inspired the revival of the decorative arts and crafts in the 19th century. Morris and Co from 1875, produced furnishings, stained glass, tapestries and wallpapers that people desire, to this day.

It was his Pre-Raphaelite ideals of beauty in home decor, shared by colleague Edward Burne-Jones, that inspired them to create decor which defied the industrial Victorian age, and were unique and original, and in turned inspired the art nouveau movement.

William Morris tapestries uses natural elements such as the acanthus leaves, vines and flowers to create distinctive patterns and details.

These Victorian tapestries including the Forest, Tree of Life, The Peacock, The Adoration of the Magi, Ehret die Frauen, Orange Tree, The Holy Grail, Flora and Pomona tapestries and more in this tapestry category, have been inspired by the original works of Morris.

"Tapestry is a bright dream" Morris said, and tapestries based on his origical works are truly distinctive pieces of art. Browse our great range of William Morris themed tapestries here.

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price  
TAPWMO137 Acanthe Green Large
  • $444.00 USD
TAPWMO139 Acanthe Green Medium
  • $365.00 USD
TAPWMO144 Acanthe Green Small
  • $262.00 USD
TAPWMO138 Acanthe Marron Detail
  • $262.00 USD
TAPWMO120 Acanthus
  • $156.00 USD
TAPWMO100 Angeli Landente
  • $161.00 USD
TAPWMO121 Birds Face to Face
  • $119.00 USD
TAPWMO130 Deer & Shields - No Border
  • $1346.00 USD
TAPWMO131 Deer & Shields - With Border
  • $413.00 USD
TAPWMO163 Departure of the Knights
  • $859.00 USD
TAPWMO113 Ehret die Frauen
  • $222.00 USD
TAPWMO173 European Summer Quince
  • $238.00 USD
TAPWMO124 Flora
  • $221.00 USD
TAPHWV239 Handwoven The Woodpecker - William Morris
  • $6572.00 USD
TAPWMO142 Heraldic Lion
  • $617.00 USD
TAPWMO106 Heraldic Unicorn
  • $617.00 USD
TAPWMO105 Les Oiseaux
  • $574.00 USD
TAPWMO135 Lion (The Forest)
  • $119.00 USD
TAPWMO178 Morris Arboretum
  • $153.00 USD
TAPWMO169 Morris Medley
  • $415.00 USD
TAPWMO101 Panel of Tiles
  • $153.00 USD
TAPWMO134 Peacock (The Forest)
  • $119.00 USD
TAPWMO145 Pomona
  • $121.00 USD
TAPWMO174 Strawberry Thief Decor
  • $415.00 USD
TAPWMO115 Summer Quince
  • $161.00 USD
TAPWMO132 Summer Quince - Coral
  • $429.00 USD
TAPWMO133 Summer Quince - Forrest
  • $429.00 USD
TAPWMO128 The Adoration of the Magi - With Border
  • $1284.00 USD
TAPWMO129 The Adoration of the Magi II - With Border
  • $194.00 USD
TAPWMO186 The Adoration of the Magi III
  • $1065.00 USD
TAPWMO155 The Holy Grail - With Border
  • $892.00 USD
TAPWMO160 The Holy Grail (Left Panel) - No Border
  • $794.00 USD
TAPWMO156 The Holy Grail (The Vision) - No Border
  • $171.00 USD
TAPWMO157 The Holy Grail (The Vision) II - No Border
  • $1037.00 USD
TAPWMO159 The Holy Grail II - No Border
  • $307.00 USD
TAPWMO141 The Minstrel
  • $165.00 USD
TAPWMO161 The Orange Tree - No Border
  • $155.00 USD
TAPWMO171 The Orchard
  • $607.00 USD
TAPWMO181 The Tree
  • $249.00 USD
TAPWMO175 Tree of Life
  • $94.00 USD
TAPWMO180 Tree of Life - Brown and Rose
  • $569.00 USD
TAPTOL124 Tree of Life Beige II
  • $128.00 USD
TAPWMO168 Tree Of Life Brown
  • $181.00 USD
TAPTOL127 Tree of Life Brown II
  • $686.00 USD
TAPTOL128 Tree of Life Brown III
  • $652.00 USD
TAPWMO184 Tree of Life Cream
  • $257.00 USD
TAPWMO183 Tree of Life Dark
  • $151.00 USD
TAPWMO185 Tree of Life Earth Brown
  • $662.00 USD
TAPWMO182 Tree of Life Light
  • $151.00 USD
TAPWMO188 Tree of Life Midnight Blue
  • $245.00 USD
TAPWMO187 Tree of Life Red
  • $245.00 USD
TAPWMO172 Tree Of Life Umber
  • $119.00 USD
TAPWMO177 Vines and Acanthuses
  • $256.00 USD
TAPWMO179 William Morris Tree of Life
  • $109.00 USD
TAPWMO117 William Morris Woodpecker
  • $284.00 USD
TAPWMO122 William Morris Woodpecker II
  • $284.00 USD
TAPWMO123 William Morris Woodpecker III
  • $284.00 USD
TAPWMO116 William Morris's Strawberry Thief
  • $415.00 USD
TAPWMO166 Woodpecker - No Verse
  • $251.00 USD
TAPWMO167 Woodpecker - With Verse
  • $149.00 USD

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