World Map Tapestries

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Looking for world map tapestries to transform your home decor?

Then see our old style map wall hangings here.

There's nothing more old school than these world map tapestries, yet it gives your home such unique charisma.

Imagine walking into a room, whether it is a lounge, dining room or home office or other room and seeing an antique style world map on display.

These world maps aint just pretty. They are a cartological and historical throwback as well. They bring the antique art of adding beauty to a topic such as map making, with their flourishes and embellishments such as sea gods, creatures, expressive clouds and more.

People has always been exploring the world beyond their own shores, due to natural curiosity.

With nautical exploration in the 17th century trending, there was a huge growth in the art of world map making or cartography. Looking at an old world map tapestry is actually a journey through time.

You see curious large areas of terra incognita or "unknown lands", and these areas were "filled in" with decorative effects. Then as knowledge of distant lands improved, these decorations were placed more on the periphery, such as in Typus orbis terrarum and Typus Orbis Terrarum.

Here's a fine collection of ancient world map tapestries for you to explore. They are fascinating historical documents that add an element of history to any home.

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price  
TAPMAP120 A New and Accurate Map
  • $136.00 USD
TAPMAP115 Antique Map
  • $99.00 USD
TAPMAP121 Antique Map Geographica
  • $136.00 USD
TAPMAP127 Chenille Map
  • $243.00 USD
TAPMAP125 Global Safari
  • $166.00 USD
TAPMAP108 Italian Wine Country
  • $166.00 USD
TAPMAP114 Map of Paris
  • $166.00 USD
TAPMAP119 Mappemonde
  • $293.00 USD
TAPMAP102 Nova Terarum Orbis
  • $283.00 USD
TAPMAP105 Nova Totius Terrarum
  • $159.00 USD
TAPMAP123 Old World Map
  • $156.00 USD
TAPMAP100 Orbis Terrae
  • $398.00 USD
TAPMAP129 Planisfero
  • $241.00 USD
TAPMAP118 Ptolemaeus Map
  • $557.00 USD
TAPMAP124 Souvenirs Des Voyage
  • $166.00 USD
TAPMAP106 The Copernican System
  • $176.00 USD
TAPMAP128 Toledo
  • $967.00 USD
TAPMAP112 Typus Orbis Terrarum
  • $214.00 USD
TAPMAP104 USA Tag on Wood
  • $156.00 USD
TAPMAP126 World Map
  • $166.00 USD

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