About Us

So how did Worldwide Tapestries begin?

We're a team of art and decor lovers who just love the best that wall tapestries has to offer.

When we started off decorating our own homes, we looked around for wall tapestries as we knew that they were unique wall decor that gives an 'effect' to a room that no other forms of wall art could!

I mean, when you see a tapestry, you'd know that special 'presence' they bring to any room.

But great as it was to shop online, we often found ourselves frustrated. The selection of tapestries we visited was very run of the mill. Where was all the special stuff?

Where were the gorgeous and unique tapestries you would expect to see in the best collections worldwide?

We realized that if we wanted the best and most unique selection that we'd had to search for it ourselves and collect the best tapestries from sources all around the world. And so Worldwide Tapestries was born!

We carefully handpicked the best of wall tapestries and wall hangings, searching out the best vendors all around the world. The pieces here originate from the most exceptional worldwide sources of wall tapestries.

You'll find here the highest quality tapestries including large tapestries, Belgian, French and Italian tapestries as well as from the UK and the US, and we offer them to you at the best prices possible.

And we'd love to hear from you too. If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with us!

To get started, browse our tapestry categories, and tapestry accessories like rods and tassels on the navigation, or from the categories from our home page.

Here's to great decorating.

Worldwide Tapestries Team!


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verdure landscape close up

Close up of the detailed tapestry weave of a European landscape "verdure" tapestry

world map tapestry close up

Close up of the World Map tapestry in its distinctive and detailed 17th century art style

large handwoven tapestry close up

Close up of a section of a handwoven 100% wool tapestry showing its color and weave, and its pure gradation of tone

stairwell wall hanging close up

A section of the Stairwell tapestry showing its fine colors and modern look and feel

lady and the unicorn tapestry cushion covers

Showing the Lady and the Unicorn tapestry cushion covers in their exceptional style and feel

the accolade tapestry close up

The Accolade Belgian tapestry showing its depth of color and rich composition

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