Castle Tapestries

castle wall hanging image

Looking for a castle tapestry to decorate your home?

Then see our range here of European castle tapestries to transform your room or home.

These castle tapestries show the gorgeous scene of the castle or palace, or its beautiful garden surrounds. Many of these German or French palace scenes add elegance and a touch of the high culture to any living space.

The palace of Versailles with its famous gardens adds this French flair wonderfully, the Danish looking Ooidonk castle gives a cuter effect, and the Neuschwanstein gives the Disney-like castle look.

Each castle from France, Belgium, Italy or other country has its own distinct style and feel due to its architectural features.

Castles are the residence of royalty and the court, and is a thing of superb beauty, as well as a strong fortress for protection. Modern castles such as Neuschwanstein were later seen in the rest of Europe, and would often be the subject of fine landscapes and scenery art.

If you desire tapestries that turn your home into a castle, be sure to also see our gorgeous medieval tapestries here which depict life in middle ages castles.

Browse our range of castle tapestries here that will add beauty to any room or home:

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price  
TAPCSL124 Castle of Ooidonk
  • $349.00 USD
TAPCSL109 Castle of Parma
  • $145.00 USD
TAPCSL105 Chambord Castle I
  • $98.00 USD
TAPCSL106 Chambord Castle II
  • $209.00 USD
TAPBCS132 Chateau Bellevue - Royal Residences
  • $409.00 USD
TAPLSC316 Chateau Bellevue II
  • $559.00 USD
TAPLSC317 Chateau Bellevue III
  • $561.00 USD
TAPLSC322 Chateau Bellevue IV
  • $1024.00 USD
TAPCSL110 Chateau d'Amboise
  • $159.00 USD
TAPBCS196 Chateau d'Enghien
  • $606.00 USD
TAPCSL103 Chateau de Versailles
  • $409.00 USD
TAPCSL111 Chateau Valencay
  • $242.00 USD
TAPCSL101 Chatsworth Castle
  • $242.00 USD
TAPCSL132 Chenonceau Castle
  • $101.00 USD
TAPCSL107 Cheverny Castle
  • $348.00 USD
TAPBCS197 Domaine d'Enghien
  • $559.00 USD
TAPCSL120 English Castle
  • $244.00 USD
TAPCSL100 Heidelberg
  • $265.00 USD
TAPCSL102 Le Lude Castle
  • $209.00 USD
TAPCSL108 Neuschwanstein Castle II
  • $307.00 USD
TAPCSL113 Princess Castle
  • $529.00 USD
TAPBCS270 Verdure au Chateau II
  • $235.00 USD
TAPCSL138 Versailles I
  • $198.00 USD
TAPCSL104 Versailles II
  • $323.00 USD
TAPBCS117 Versailles Promenade
  • $563.00 USD
TAPBCS118 Versailles Promenade - Detail
  • $409.00 USD
TAPCSL116 Wand Cheverny
  • $257.00 USD

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