Are you about to decorate your home with wall tapestries?

Then here are some great articles to help you care for, and hang your tapestry, and more.

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Here are some articles on tapestry care and hanging that will help you to make the most out of your tapetries in your room or home:

how to hang a tapestry instructions

How to hang a tapestry video

how to care for a tapestry

How to care for your tapestry

Why choose tapestries?

Wall tapestries are a wonderful way to decorate your home, be it a single tapestry in a prominent place in a room, or multiple tapestries throughout the home to create the look and feel you desire in your home.

There is a grandeur and a presence that tapestries have, that no other type of home décor can bring.

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So totally enjoy the beauty, and the comments that you will get from friends and family.

Here's to decorating,

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