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how to care for a tapestry

How to care for a tapestry?

The most important things to do to care for a tapestry are 1. how to safely clean a tapestry with vacuuming, 2. how to remove creases with a "steam machine" or steam iron from the back, and/or use of a bottom rod pocket and rod, 3. how to avoid color fading with reducing direct sunlight, and 4. where to place the tapestry in your home.

Wall tapestries require little maintenance after they have been set up in your home.

But there are some tips that will help you to make sure that your tapestries will maintain their superb beauty for a lifetime!

They will continue to exude their amazing beauty and charm for as long as you need, to continue to enchant you and your guests.

So here are the commonly asked questions and their answers!

Where should I hang my tapestry?

Places to hang the tapestry:

You may place your tapestry in a location that’s not exposed to direct sunlight for the entire day, if you want to avoid fading of the tapestry.

Most walls in the home will not have this problem of excessive sunlight.

Just check that the wall where you’ll hang your tapestry is shaded for some or most of the day.

Also, choose a location that is neutral in terms of excessive heat or moisture.

Lounges, studies, halls and bedrooms are ideal locations for tapestries. Here, you and your guests tend to take more time to admire your art tapestries.

Places not to hang a tapestry:

Kitchens and bathrooms on the other hand will cause moisture retention in the tapestry due to their heat and moisture levels.

As mentioned above, places with high levels of direct sunlight may result in colors fading faster over time.

How do I remove a crease of curl or crease in the tapestry?

As tapestries may be folded or rolled in transit, a mild crease or curl may be present. 

Here are 5 ways to remove tapestry creases:

Lay the tapestry flat or hang it

These are usually resolved when you lay out the tapestry or when you hang it.

Place some weights on the tapestry

If you need to remove a crease or curl in your tapestry before hanging a tapestry, you can simply lie it flat and place some books or weights on it for a period of time.

Gentle iron

If you use a iron on the tapestry, use a low to medium heat, and avoid excessive heat as this may damage the tapestry. One option is to iron from the back. If you iron from the front, always use a cloth between the iron and the tapestry to avoid dirtying the tapestry.

Steamer machine

If you have a steam machine (steamer), you can use it on the front while the tapestry is hanging. Note that excessive heat or moisture may damage your tapestry fabrics, so you should always do so carefully and avoid excessive heat or moisture.

Rod on the bottom of the tapestry

Alternatively, when you hang your tapestry, you can insert a rod on the base of the tapestry if there is a rod pocket at the bottom, to help it to hang in a flatter manner.

Tapestries that do not come with a rod pocket at the bottom will have a rod pocket custom sewn.

How do I clean a tapestry?

In most situations, if you hang a tapestry in a room other than a kitchen or bathroom, they should normally not require cleaning often.

Here are 3 ways to clean a tapestry if you do need to do this:


To clean your tapestry in a small area, simply use a soft brush such as a dry, clean, soft paint brush on its surface.


You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a clean upholstery head attachment, to gently vacuum the tapestry surface.

Professional cleaner

Professional tapestry cleaners are also available in some locations.

Will tapestry colors fade over time?

Being a fabric art, tapestries may fade over time, this may take a very long before this happens.

However, keep in mind that some people actually prefer a slightly faded appearance of a tapestry as it’s in keeping with their style and character.

To avoid fading, it is best to choose a location that has lower levels of direct sunlight.


A tapestry requires a little bit of care when setting up, and the occasional maintenance as needed.

By following these simple instructions, you’ll have a lifetime of enjoyment from your tapestries.

See this article on how to hang a tapestry for details on how to hang a tapestry.

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