Top 20 Blogs On Home Decor & Renovating Ideas

If you want inspiration from superb home decor and renovation blogs, then have a look at this top 20 list right here.

Of the many blogs we have surveyed, these are ones we enjoyed and which gave superb inspiration.

When you’re taking home decorating ideas from blogs or websites, you can sometimes find a small touch or idea that inspires you, or even an overall theme or style that you want to emulate.

top decor blogs

Either way, if you love to decorate your home for yourself or your loved ones, then get inspiration any way you can.

And what better way than to look at ideas and see what suits your style.

Announcing the Worldwide Tapestries’ Home Decor & Renovation Blog Awards!

Here they are, the top 20 (21 actually) blogs in home decor:

Pippa Jameson Interiors

In Pippa’s blog we see tips on creating specific decor effects and themes for your home, very nice to look at to get great ideas from.


In Dwell, we see a coming together of posts collected from writers all about gorgeous homes from all around with large, detailed photos.

The Design Files

Here you can see inside homes from Australia and international, full of inspiration and beauty to gather tons of ideas from.

Style Files

Here you can see lots of ideas from all over the world, a great way to get diverse ideas to get inspired. From city to rural and more.

Mad About the House

Here we see Kate’s blog on houses, design, decor and she comes from a journalism background. Check out all the diverse ideas here.

My Scandinavian Home

As a Londoner in Sweden, we see this blog on Swedish style full of photos and ideas.

My Paradissi

Eleni’s blog shows a great collection of ideas for decor with superb photos as well to truly inspire you.


Founded by Adi and Alon, Houzz has become a community for thosewho want ideas, professionals in the industry, designers and more.

Old Brand New

Dabito, a graphic designer, has a blog here combines the old with the new to create a wonderful style for home decor.

Desire To Inspire

A blog by Kim and Jo, from Canada and Australia, with ideas from a variety of places to inspire your decorating efforts.

Bare Room

Victoria has a series of great articles and reports of the latest decor ideas, what’s new in decor publications and things she is coveting!

Apartment Therapy

Maxwell’s and his team produces a blog with hundreds of tips on decor, ideas for projects, ideas in fact from all over the world, & before and afters.

Young House Love

A great blog on decor as well as how Sherry and John do up a house and renovate it and the other DIY projects they’re doing.

The Inspired Room

Melissa’s blog here is just beautiful, and is packed with the most gorgeous ideas for decorating any room, and for any season.

CentSational Girl

Learn these fantastic ideas from Kate, the ‘bargain hunter, design lover, and incurable DIYer’ and you’ll get a lot of ideas here.

Southern Hospitality Blog

Rhoda’s blog here is very inspiring, as she takes you shopping for decor goods as well as how to decorate your home itself.

Bower Power Blog

Katie’s blog here for renovation ideas, and has some very fresh and gorgeous ideas to decorate your home for everyday as well for sumptuous dinner parties and more.

Decor8 Blog

Holly shows us superb decorating ideas that really capture the eye, and she shows us the works of amazing decorators around the world.

Hooked On Houses

OK, the name says it all, Julia’s blog covers houses for sale and looks at their design as well as the decor that they have that provide great inspiration.

House Tweaking

Dana provides decor ideas for the DIY lover and you can learn by these great ideas here.

Heather Bullard

Heather, editor of Flea Market Style Magazine shows you how she decorates and provides gorgeous ways to liven up your home.

As you can see, the styles do vary and so do their methods of decorating.

But what they have in common is beauty and inspiration, to stir up fantastic ideas to use.

So have a look and leave a comment on your other favorite blogs as well!

Want to be in the next featured home decor blog awards?

Then send us an email and let us know what you think should be on the list!

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