Large Tapestries

Large wall tapestries and wall hangings make a grand impression in any home, whether it’s in an entrance, dining room, lounge, or bedroom.

In the past, wall hangings have been a part of homes and palaces because of their impact on the daily lives of those they touched in simple yet profound ways.

Today, large tapestries are still a popular art form because of the very effect they have on those who see and experience them.

Browse our extensive tapestry collection for an ideal design and size

Make a bold statement and elevate your living space with a large piece of high-quality tapestry. Here at Worldwide Tapestries, we have a broad range of large wall tapestry collections in elegant and eye-catching designs.

Whether you want a centerpiece that calms, intrigues, or inspires the mind, our pieces will do the trick. Our large-sized tapestries are arranged by the dimensions below. Click on the size you prefer and pick a design that interests you. For other sizes and styles, explore the rest of Worldwide Tapestries.


Where to display a large wall tapestry?

Our large wall tapestry collection features pieces measuring 60 to 70 inches, 71 to 80 inches, and 81 inches and above in width and height for extra large works. When purchasing a large piece of tapestry, you need a large wall to display and fully appreciate it in all its splendor.

Here are some ideas where you can hang or display a large wall tapestry:

  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Bedroom
  • Entryway or hallway
  • Office or study
  • Yoga or meditation space
  • Art room

Hang a large map tapestry in the study and create a stimulating environment. Put up a piece with a floral design in a meditation area to calm the beholder. Or, make a conversation starter with some of our extra large tapestries featuring iconic works from renowned painters.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the location of a large wall tapestry. As long as you have the space for tapestry wall hangings, you can decorate however you want and evoke a reaction from the viewer.

How do you hang large tapestries?

The steps for hanging a small or medium-sized tapestry are the same as hanging a large tapestry. We recommend checking our article on how to hang a tapestry with a tapestry rod so you can prepare your space for your large tapestry.

When purchasing from our extensive tapestry collection, don’t forget to add rods and tassels to your cart.

How do you clean and care for large tapestries?

To preserve the quality of your tapestry, adopt a regular care routine. Begin by dusting it regularly and employing gentle vacuuming to remove any debris. Additionally, avoid exposing the tapestry to direct sunlight, and never soak it.

To avoid damage and ensure optimal longevity, seek professional guidance on cleaning and preservation methods.


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