Wall Hanging Tapestries

Looking for a wonderful wall tapestry to transform your room or home? Then discover the world's best tapestries here!

Enjoy these tapestry categories shown below.

Shop by country and theme by looking at French, Belgian, Italian and Tuscan tapestries. You can also browse our hand woven tapestry section for exclusive handwoven pieces woven in 100% wool in Aubusson style. Want large sized tapestries? Then shop by size by going to our Large Tapestries section here.

Explore our unique wall tapestries

Open the doors of your imagination and let your space tell a story with our fascinating collection of wall tapestries. Ranging from classic Aubusson styles to thematic pieces inspired by various cultures, our diverse selection offers endless opportunities for self-expression through interior design.

Redefine your space with wall tapestries for sale

Nothing brings an empty wall to life quite like a tapestry. Our wall tapestries for sale offer the perfect blend of refinement and style, allowing you to reimagine your space with a touch of elegance and charm.

Every design holds a history, a story waiting to be shared and admired. Explore the intricate detailing of Italian landscapes, the sophistication of French vineyards, or the rustic allure of Tuscan towns. Whatever you choose from our online tapestry shop, you can travel and explore the globe from the comfort of your home.

Timeless elegance in every thread

We take pride in our selection of hand-woven wall tapestries. The time and dedication invested in each piece ensure it's a meticulous work of art and a tangible representation of a centuries-old art form.

Browse our tapestry online shop and let the work of art choose you. Discover the charm, the mystery, and the sheer beauty of these timeless creations.

Worldwide Tapestries — the world of art at your doorstep

Start your journey with Worldwide Tapestries today. Redefine your space, tell your story, and let your walls speak the language of art and history. Shop our tapestry collections online today to enjoy free shipping across the United States when you spend $200 or more on your order. Shopping on a budget? Don’t miss out on our wall tapestries for sale — your wall's future masterpiece awaits you. 

If you have any questions about our wall tapestry collection or would like tailored guidance in selecting a style that complements your interiors, contact us today — we’d be more than happy to assist. 


What is the recommended method for hanging a wall tapestry?

We recommend using beautiful tapestry rods to showcase your tapestry collection in the most elegant manner. These secure your wall tapestry and add an extra layer of aesthetic appeal, complementing the artwork's beauty.

How should I clean my wall tapestry?

We advise that you handwash your tapestry to maintain its texture and vibrant colors. Regular dusting can also help keep your decor clean, making deep cleaning less strenuous when required.

What are the most sought-after designs for wall tapestries?

Tapestries featuring exquisite sceneries from different parts of the world are popular among our customers. They serve as a window to another place and time, right from the comfort of your home. To discover our most popular tapestry collections, shop from our best-selling range

Can a wall tapestry act as a sound-absorbing decoration?

While wall tapestries can't completely soundproof a room, they can effectively serve as a sound buffer, absorbing some echo and noise.

Are wall tapestries easy to remove and relocate?

Absolutely! One of the best things about wall tapestries is their portability. They can be easily removed and rehung in a different location without much hassle.


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